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Registration for an online solution has never been simpler before. No more time wasters and boring advertisements. Register and login to Invoicetra through your existing social media icons through any device. Send invoices and expenses with a one-click email link.Surprise your clients with the easy payment solution.

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Impress Clients With Professional Invoices

No longer need to pay extra bucks for creating professional-looking Invoices. Invoicetra lets you build customized GST enabled  Invoices and pro farma invoices with facility to sort them in different categories. Provision of adding SAC code in your invoices based on service provided.

Track Expenses Like Never Before

Improve your efficiency and visibility by creating customized expenses without any dilly-dally. List,  categorize all your expenses, and get auto-updated on your report post payment. Process and get paid for your spends faster.

With Invoicetra Track Expenses Like Never Before
Get Paid Faster With Multiple Payment Gateways with Invoicetra

Get Paid Faster With Multiple Payment Gateways

Get paid faster through Razorpay , Stripe and PayPal  integrated payment gateways. No more hunt and run after client for payments. With these secure and quick payment gateways, balance your sheets with a single click.

No More Tax Reporting Hassles

Add , remove , modify taxes in your invoices and expense page alongwith TDS facility. Get a summary of taxes in currency of your choice at one place. Manage your TDS and ease your CA’s job  by exporting GST summary and TDS reports in various formats.

Invoicetra means No More Tax Reporting Hassles
Live Reporting With Invoicetra

Live Reporting

Get updated stats of invoices and expenses on your dashboard for easy tracking and comprehension. Keep a tab on your business progress by measuring profits and expense earnings periodically. No more plodding numbers, just colorful graphs.

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Bring back productivity with a new style

We help you manage all your invoices and expenses. We make you more efficient.

Why type bills when you can save time and earn extra bucks

Completely Customizable

Customize invoices your way. Create expenses and get paid for what you are worth.

Detailed Analytics

Detailed Analytics of Profits, Earnings, Expenses, etc. all on graph anytime any format and in any currency.

Quick Payments

Integrated with instant and secure payment gateways. Receive and record payments in no time.

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Being a freelancer, creating invoices, managing my expenses, and taxes were all really difficult for me. A lot of my time used to get wasted in sorting out all these jargons. The things changed dramatically once I started using Invoicetra. Now as a freelancer, I can focus more on my work and let Invoicetra manage everything else.

Sachin Patel

Freelancer, Ahmedabad

Creating and sending Invoices with a single click via emails is the beauty of Invoicetra. I am using this product from the last 6 months and experience is incredible. I get instant notification on payment and also, I can send payment reminders. No more chasing clients for payments. Everything is digital and simple..

Anita Paliwal

Practicing CA, New Delhi

Tracking my Incomes, Expenses, Taxes and earnings was a tough task. Moreover, GST and TDS monthly compliances became problematic. Invoicetra’s unique features GST and TDS management, has solved these issues. I highly recommend this fantastic product to all my friends and relatives who need any invoicing solution. ? 

Vikrant Malik

CEO, Jiveshna Tech.

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Yes, you heard it right! Invoicetra is FREE now and will be free forever with Unlimited clients, unlimited invoices and all necessary features which your business needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequently asked questions related to usage, pricing, security etc. 

Is this online invoice generator free?

Invoicetra provides basic invoicing and expense management services for free for an unlimited number of users. The pro plan may have some charges based upon additional features but the current version is free with no hidden charges, forever.

Does Invoicetra work for international currencies as well?


Can I create a database of Invoice Items?

Yes, at Invoicetra you can create a central database of your invoice items and choose from dropdown while making individual invoices.

Can I create an expense claim?

Invoicetra lets you create, list, and categorize expenses. Send quick claims and get your worth in a single click. You can also track expenses.

Can I add my business details in one place for easy invoicing?

Yes, once you register, you are directed to the settings page where you can add your details, tax details, invoice details, email settings, payment gateway settings, and general settings.

Can I manage my TDS on Invoicetra?

Yes, you can list, sort, manage, and export TDS reports in Invoicetra all through your dashboard. Invoicetra lets you make GSTR filing simple for your CA.

How do I create my account at invoicetra?

You can register with a single click through your social media account and have a personalized dashboard to manage all your invoices at one place.

Can I add more details to my invoices?

You can customize your invoice but the basic template is already provided with all essential fields to prevent users from doing a documentation error.

Can I save my invoices to this online invoice generator?

Invoicetra is cloud-based and all invoices are saved on the AWS cloud. You can access it from anywhere, anytime.

Can I save my client details at invoicetra?

All the information regarding clients is saved in your personalized account and is readily accessible through your dashboard.

Can I receive online payments using Invoicetra?

The payment process is very simple. An email link is sent to you which after verification, directs you to the integrated payment gateway i.e. Razorpay, Stripe and PayPal. 

Can I use these invoices for filing taxes?

All the invoices have TDS and GST facility which helps you generate reports at month-end, thus, relieving you of compiling GST reports.

Can I add the suppliers list to my account?

Yes, you can add all the suppliers along with their details in your account. This list will automatically be recorded in the dropdown menu while creating invoices.

Is my data safe?

Your data is safe as the whole process of payment is through verified email links and all the data is stored on secured cloud servers which already has multiple layers of security.

What are the other invoicing facilities provided by Invoicetra?

Invoicetra provides invoice management, pro forma invoicing, expense management, live report generation, TDS report generation.